How to buy the best pressure cooker

Are you a busy person that just simply doesn’t have time to do an elaborate recipe or sit and wait for it to cook for hours in the oven, then maybe you are on the market for the best pressure cooker; a pressure cooker that will allow you to cook healthy food in just a fraction of the time. But here comes the hard part; how do you know which pressure cooker is for you? In this article we will go over how to pick the perfect pressure cooker so sit back, relax and start thinking about all those tasty dishes that you will prepare once you have your pressure cooker.

What is a pressure cooker and how does it work?

Whilst many years ago a pressure cooker was a think that your grandma used that would make a horrible high pitched sound from the stove once it was ready. This has now changed, now there exists two different types of pressure cookers: stove top ones, which are the more traditional ones, and electric ones. However, they both work in the same way. They trap steam which raises the temperature well above boiling point and that forces the liquid into the food. This results in not only the food being cooked faster, but also ensures that the food is more tender and has a load more taste.

Stove top or electric?

Whilst they still work in basically the same way, there is still a small difference between the two. A stove top pressure cooker still requires slightly more attention than an electric one. So, if you have experience or if you only are going to make a soup here and there, then the stove top pressure cooker is for you. However, if you would rather set something to cook and then forget about it because, lets face it, not everyone has the time to wait in the kitchen for the food to cook, then the electrical one might be best for you.Read more.

How to pick the right one for you.

To know which one is the best pressure cooker for you, you must first ask yourself what do you need it for and how much you are willing to invest. Electric pressure cookers range from 50 USD to 200 USD. The benefit of these is that the whole process is pretty much done for you, you just need to do as it tells you and then you don’t need to worry about it any more. This makes it the perfect choice for someone new to pressure cooking or someone with a busy lifestyle. However, the one downside to electric pressure cookers in that they do tend to take longer to cook and that they do also take up a chunk of space in your kitchen. Now to look at stove top ones, these are often cheaper than electric ones but require more work and attention to ensure that the correct pressure is maintained throughout. The advantage to these ones is that they are able to cook the food at a faster rate and that they also are able to brown the meat better than an electric cooker.

In conclusion, before making this purchase you have to think well about your needs and what you will really be needing the device for. Once you have figured out that, in combination with the help given in this article you should be able to find the best pressure cooker for you.